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Connecticut Education Network (CEN)


Connecticut Education Network (CEN)

Brynn Deprey
55 Farmington Ave.
Hartford, CT 06105
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Phone Number (860) 622-4574
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Product Description

The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) provides reliable, high speed internet access and value added services to its members throughout Connecticut. We provide ISP and filtering for CT public K12s and participate in the federal Erate program as a service provider. We offer the following services to CEN members:

Internet, Private Ethernet Services, Optical Network, Filtering, Managed Firewall, Managed Wi-fi, Telepresence Video Conferencing, Colocation, Virtual Hosting and Professional Development.

Connecticut Education Network is the only CT provider of Internet2 Network access. We provide 100Gig connections to Internet2’s backbone. This link capability benefits CEN members by facilitating high performance collaboration with peers nationally and internationally. Follow us on Twitter @CTEDUNET to learn more.

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